ZMIANY ! Od kwietnia w kupicie głównie kremy SPF oraz akcesoria z UPF. Nadal możliwe jednak będą zamówienia specjalne, w których można kupować wszystko co dostępne w Japonii :)


Berdever has been using Japanese post to ship orders as it is the most convenient for you. Moreover shipments via Japan Post are less prone to duty fees.

Shipment fee strictly depends on the weight of the order.

Due to COVID  shipments might be delayed however it depends on the destination country.

At this moment AIRMAIL option is more commonly used

Some countries like US, UK, Germany accept EMS option too.

Every order is sent using registered package service, we do not ship unregistered packages unless there is a specific will from a customer. If we do, we do not  take the responsibility if the package get lost.

After the package has been shipped you will get an email with the tracking link. I advise to  follow your order using also your country post website. I always send the link to the Japan Post.

Shipping fee

Type of shipment
 -100g 101g-200g 201g-300g 301g-500g 501g-800g
AIRMAIL 28zł 34zł 39zł 46zł 500zł
801-1.1kg 1.11kg-1.5kg 1.51kg-1.99kg 2kg i więcej 
AIRMAIL 63zł 75zł